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Review: Attack of the Clones (Little Golden Book)

Introduce your younglings to the second chapter in the Skywalker saga with this charming adaptation!

A couple of months ago, I made the decision to expand my near nonexistent collection of Attack of the Clones merchandise ahead of the film’s 20th anniversary, so I treated myself to a copy of Little Golden Book’s adaptation of my favourite chapter in the Skywalker saga. So, you may be wondering “Would it be a worthy addition to my collection?” or  “Is it something my younglings would enjoy?” Let’s dive in.

Writer Christopher Nicholas has done a commendable job of condensing this action-packed, thematically rich film into a 24-page adventure suitable for preschoolers and other young readers. As with all other Little Golden Book Star Wars adaptations, this book glosses over anything deemed unsuitable for a young readership; you will find no mention of Cordé’s death, the Tusken Raider massacre, or any severed limbs and the love scenes are kept to a bare minimum.

Interior art from Little Golden Book's adaptation of Attack of the Clones

(Artist: Ethen Beavers)

Canon junkies might mourn the loss of numerous key scenes, such as Obi-Wan’s conversation with fan favourite Dexter Jettster and the subsequent search for Kamino, but they should keep in mind that this book is meant to be a streamlined retelling of events for children who may be too young to watch the actual film. As such, certain liberties have been taken here and there but this adaptation does a decent job of tackling all of the film’s major plot points in a child-friendly manner and serves as a fine introduction to the film’s characters, story, and themes.

And what would a Little Golden Book be without its adorable interior art? Acclaimed children’s book artist Ethen Beavers brings the story to life through his playful, vibrant and, expressive colour illustrations. I’m particularly fond of the downtrodden look on Anakin’s face in the image above. The art style might not be to everyone’s taste but it should prove popular with the young ones.

In short, this hardcover picture book is an ideal gift for the younglings in your life and its quirky, retro art style makes it a welcome addition to any fan’s collection. Especially if you are as obsessed with this film as I am.


Adapted by: Christopher Nicholas.

Illustrated by: Ethen Beavers.

Publisher: Golden Books.

Reading level: 2-5 years.

ISBN: 978-0-7364-3546-8.

Price: $4.99 (US), $5.99 (CAN).

Order your copy of Attack of the Clones – Little Golden Book today via Amazon or Amazon UK.


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