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‘The Star Wars Archives: Episodes I-III, 1999-2005’ Available for Pre-order

TASCHEN's must-have prequel trilogy tome is now available for pre-order!

Prequel fans, rejoice! Renowned art-book publisher TASCHEN has announced that their latest Star Wars-themed reference book, The Star Wars Archives: Episodes I-III, 1999-2005, is finally available for pre-order and that the book will begin shipping as from late October.

Written and edited by film historian Paul Duncan and created with the full cooperation of George Lucas and Lucasfilm Limited, this 600-page hardback volume covers the making of the Star Wars prequel trilogy and includes a chapter on the original trilogy special editions.

Cover of TASCHEN's The Star Wars Archives: Episodes I-III, 1999-2005

Readers will be treated to exclusive interviews with the films’ cast, the Maker himself, George Lucas, and Lucas’ team of talented collaborators as well as hundreds of pieces of concept art, on-set photographs, storyboards, stills, and production documents. To give a rough idea of the painstaking research that went into compiling this highly-anticipated book, editor Paul Duncan perused over 150,000 photographs, artworks, storyboards, and documents for the Episode III chapter alone. Around 450 images were selected for publication, so you can imagine the time and effort that went into the selection process.

The 150-euro price tag may be a little off-putting for some but it’s clear that this mammoth book will be worth every cent, especially if you’re a die-hard fan of the prequel trilogy. This book will have an initial numbered run of 10,000 copies, so to avoid disappointment, it may be time to start saving up those hard-earned credits or begging your loved ones to open up their pocketbooks this holiday season.

Sample page from TASCHEN's The Star Wars Archives: Episodes I-III, 1999-2005

Edited by: Paul Duncan.

Publisher: TASCHEN.

Pages: 600 pages.

ISBN: 978-3-8365-6344-4.

Price: €150, £150, $200.

The Star Wars Archives: Episodes I-III, 1999-2005 can be ordered via the TASCHEN online store and will begin shipping in late October 2020. Please note that shipping fees and/or taxes may be charged for delivery to certain countries.


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