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Star Wars Reads 2020

Celebrate 'Star Wars' literature this October with Star Wars Reads!

The official Star Wars site will be launching its annual “Star Wars Reads” event on October 1, which promises to be a fun event for Star Wars fans, young and old.

Celebrating its ninth year, Star Wars Reads is a month-long celebration of reading and Star Wars literature and, this year, the organisers have chosen some Attack of the Clones-themed art for use in one of the event’s promotional posters. The artwork, created by Pilot Studio, depicts the prequel heroes in the Geonosis arena and was taken from the young-reader anthology, 5-Minute Star Wars Stories Strike Back.

Star Wars Reads 2020 poster

More information about this year’s Star Wars Reads event can be found over on StarWars.Com. There you will also find a range of printable activity kits, social shareables, printable book tags, promotional material, and reading challenges for use at home or in the classroom. And although the event is primarily aimed at younglings, there will be plenty for older fans to enjoy. There will be announcements, giveaways, and promotional discounts on offer throughout the month and fans on social media are encouraged to share their love for Star Wars novels and other literature using the hashtag #StarWarsReads.

Looking for ways to celebrate Attack of the Clones as part of this year’s event? Here are a few ideas to get you started!

Star Wars Reads 2020 - Banner


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